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  • Héctor A. Venegas


For a lot of us the start of a new year also means the start of something new. A change.


You might want to change old habits, start new tasks, or gain new skills.


Some of us experience really big changes, like a new job, or even a significant change in your private life including relationships.


We like to take the fact of a change of a number in the calendar as the initiation of doing something different, better, more or less.


Unfortunately, any change also comes with small or big challenges.


We have to deal with new things, communicate with new people, adapt to new behaviors and gain new knowledge.

Every change challenges us like nothing else.

We fear not being able to live up to the tasks, or the needed skills.

Since we never made that in the way, which is expected from us now.

Even though the expectations from others might not be as high, as we imagine, our own are.


We cannot fail!!

What would the others say about us??

What will they think about us??


In fact, it is not the new tasks and skills, which make it so hard, keep us from succeeding and stress us.

It is our own perception, our doubts and our insecurities!


If we “fail”, it’s because we set our expectations too high.

It is so much easier to go back to the known habits and patterns of last year.

We know them. We can deal with them.


Motivation is what can support us here.

To build it is crucial but cannot always happen from inside.


I wish you all the motivation you need and a big deal of persistence to master your challenges.


I’ll be happy to support you to build, keep and if lost, to regain the needed motivation.



Try it! You will see how it works!


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