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  • Héctor A. Venegas

cause you're amazing, just the way you are!

For today’s post I had to borrow some words from the amazingly talented Bruno Mars.

Although Bruno sings it to his significant other, he is trying to convince her that she is amazing, just the way she is. Would she accept it? Most probably not.

Why is it so hard for us to accept that we are amazing, just the way we are?

We are all different from all other people. Which is a good thing, isn’t it?

We have our very own style, do dress, to walk, to speak, to do whatever we do.

We have our strengths; we have our weaknesses. We are beautiful; we are clever. There are days, where we actually accept that. Most of the time we doubt that. Our lack of self-confidence will stop us from believing. We doubt it in a way that is so strong, that we have a tough time accepting even the tiniest thought of it.

Along our lives, we are told by others, friends, family sometimes our own parents and siblings, that we are not good enough for doing or achieving something.

We are told by the people around us, how we should be and how we should behave.

We are influenced by media, colleagues, friends, lovers and haters.

This all sums up to the picture we have of ourselves. Mostly it is so bad, that even when someone comes along and tells us we are amazing, just the way we are, we would not believe it.

Certainly, we are flattered, but we won’t believe it.

No matter how private the situation is, where we are sweet-talked like this, still our biggest critic will be present: ourselves!

It is so much easier to take in the bad things and insults, so much easier to believe them, that even such a wonderful compliment would be “proven wrong” by our critical mind.

I have been in a situation where someone gave me such a compliment. And my reaction was like most of us would react. Yeah, right! I’m a cool guy, ok, but not even close to amazing. I can’t do this, I’m not good at that, and my looks….

Wouldn't it be way nicer to accept that the other person simply likes you, how you are?

Whenever you get a compliment, take it in! Say “thank you”, don't even reply something nice at this point, it would not be honest. Please do give the other person a compliment, if you mean it, just not at that time and place. Suck it in, sponge it. And believe it!

You are amazing, just the way you are!

Try it! You will see how it works!

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