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  • Héctor A. Venegas

Say something nice!

Today on June 1st the world is celebrating say-something-nice-day.

It is one of these special days nobody really is aware of. One of these days to celebrate something or someone which started somewhere for a reason.

The say-something-nice-day started in Charleston, South Carolina, USA to create a day of awareness that bullying and speaking badly about others has taken too much space in our society and we have to make something to reduce that.

Just reflect on your interactions with other people in the last 3 days.

  • How many times have you received a compliment?

  • How many times has someone said something positive about you to others in your presence?

Then again…

  • How many times has someone said something insulting or “not nice” to you?

  • How many times have you been ignored, hoping someone would acknowledge on your achievements?

Now turn it around….

  • How many times have you complemented someone else?

  • How many times have you actively listened to understand and support someone else?

Along our lives we get a lot of bad feedback and comments.

People are more likely to speak if they can criticize then to praise.

In our lifetime we get 80% negative feedback and only 20% positive feedback.

This will have a lasting impact on the way we act and behave.

Since we cannot and should not try to change others, we should start within ourselves.

It is actually not that hard to tell someone, that you like the way he/she is dressed, that you like the haircut, that you like the shoes.

It is easier than you think, to say “wow, that was awesome!” or “thank you for doing that, I like that” or “you are a really nice person” or “I really enjoy your company”!

How much better would we make people feel.

And if they feel better and receive something nice, they might even give something nice back.

Please go out there today and make the effort to come up with something you like about another person and tell it to her/him.

Have a wonderful say-something-nice-day!

By the are awesome!

Try it! You will see how it works!

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