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  • Héctor A. Venegas

Social distancing…and what it does to us

The human being is a social being. We are looking for commonality, we are looking for friendship and devotion. It helps us, when we help someone else. We feel better, when we smile at someone else. No matter if that person will smile back or not. But I promise, he or she will! A smile is like a virus, I’s contagious.

Facebook, twitter and Instagram only work, because they feed our need of belonging to someone else. To a group, to a community, to other human beings.

Real friendship, love and collegiality is what we aspire to receive as well as send the feelings to other likeminded humans.

Hugs and kisses from your loved ones, a good handshake and a pat on the back from your boss or colleague feels so right and nurtures your soul.

These days we have to go without most of these gestures and feelings.

We have to stay away from people we love, to show them that we care.

We have to stay away from our colleagues, our sports clubs, meeting our friends in the city and sharing stories over a glass of wine. We cannot visit our parents and grandparents, because we could make them sick.

This is a human disaster!

No one can estimate, what it will do to our psyche. Depending on how long this situation will last, it can have a huge impact on us.

Making ourselves aware, how much we miss these human-to-human relationships is important at this time.

Realizing how important and how good it feels, will impact our wellbeing in the future.

I like to think of the present situation as an opportunity.

We can, and I think we will, get out of this situation as better people than we were before.

We were given the opportunity to stop our rushing life and think for a moment. Think about what’s relevant in our lives. Who we need in our lives. What we need to make someone else’s life better.

Keep this thought up and share it with the ones that touch your heart, via telephone, text and video conferences. Smile at everyone you see. It will come back to you and make your and their life so much better.

When this situation is over and we can touch and feel each other again, remember this and be a better human being.

Try it! You will see how it works!

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