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  • Héctor A. Venegas

That one person

I just saw a short interview from Simon Sinek saying that you need at least that one person in your life that says “you got this…I believe in you” to find the courage to pull things through, which you think you cannot do alone.

This absolutely resonates with me, as I have experienced this many times.

That one person can be your partner, your friend, your colleague.

One person that knows you, is there for you, believes in you, likes you and is proud of who you are.

No matter if you fail, have failed before or are on a new path you have never experienced at any time in your life before.

We find ourselves many times on these brand-new paths.

Be it in our private life, or on our business journey.

Many times, we have hesitated, many times we have given up and turned around to find ourselves back on well known and outworn grounds.

Finding ourselves back in our comfort zone, to continue doing what we always have. Play safe.

That one person, that believes in our ability to achieve great things.

That is the person, that will encourage us to be great, to succeed in doing something amazing.

This person will also catch you when you fall…because you will sometimes!

You don't have to worry about failing, as long as there is someone to encourage you to try again.

If you are the lucky one, benefitting from several persons like that, congratulations!!

Go out to them today, hug them and thank them for being what they are!

If you are the one lacking that person, go out and find them, they are out there, just waiting to meet you.

If you are that person yourself, encouraging someone else, supporting the achievements of another person, give yourself a clap on the shoulder, praise yourself!

You are amazing!

Try it! You will see how it works!

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