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  • Héctor A. Venegas

Which animal would you like to be?

I have been giving lectures recently to students of meetings & events, that were preparing for their final exam.

Scary time!

Although they had studied so hard and learned so much over the last couple of years, working within the industry alongside their study, they felt they were not well prepared for the exam.

They thought they would screw up, when confronted with the situation they had to perform.

Don't we all feel like this again and again in our lives?

It doesn't have to be an exam we are facing.

There are so many situations, where you have given so much effort and time into preparing and finally taken all your courage to face the situation…. And then….your knees start shaking, your mind does that rollercoaster ride, that makes you dizzy, you start telling yourself, there is only one destiny….you are gonna screw up….BADLY!

It’s our self-confidence that plays this game with us. It disappears and lets us down just in the moment we need it most. When we let that happen, it might even have the result, we are fearing most. The screw-up!

Building up self-confidence is not an easy task, but it can be done!

Keeping and recovering it, to support us in the appropriate moment, that is what we need to achieve.

A good way to train this is visualizing and anchoring a trigger, which you can retrieve at any moment you need.

To do that it helps if you think about animals.

Think about the animal that you want to be.

Is it a strong and masculine bear, a smooth and elegant Jaguar or a proud and beautiful swan? What is the image of the animal which has the attributes that you would consider you have, when you are in that mindset of complete confidence? When you are in the zone.

Think about how the animal moves, the body posture, the muscles shining through the skin, the elegance of the shiny feathers.

When you have that picture in your head, write it down somewhere, as detailed as possible.

The next time you enter in a situation, where your self-confidence might let you down, get back to this picture. Become the animal, move like it, think like it.

It will change your whole behavior!

Try it! You will see how it works!

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