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  • Héctor A. Venegas

Are you asking the right questions?

Our brain is an interesting tool, it reacts to the thoughts we create.

When we have negative thoughts, it creates a negative mindset.

When we have positive thoughts, it creates positive feelings and we act accordingly.

We cannot control our thoughts, they will happen.

But we can control our reaction to whatever happens around us.

How many times have we encountered difficulties, losses, rejections, defeats….all these moments that have the power to pull us down.

I would like to tell you something though:

It’s not the event that pulls you down, It’s YOUR reaction to it, that does the job.

There is a success formula which sums this up pretty clearly:

E + R = O



So, whenever something bad happens to you, you start questioning your ability to get it right and you ask yourself “WHY”.

“Why can’t I get the clients that I want?”

“Why am I not getting the raise from my boss?”

“Why am I not finding the right partner?”

So instead of focusing on the solutions, you tell your brain to focus on the reasons you are not succeeding. This process would not be bad, if we would know how to turn our findings into something good. But most of us can’t or fail in doing so.

So, if we react to the bad event with asking “why not”, the outcome will be negative.

What if we train our brain to focus on the positive results?

The right questions would be:

“How will I attract great clients?”

“How will I get a huge raise from my boss?”

“How will I find the love of my life?”

If we do that, our brain will start working on the positive outcome.

We will come up with answers, how we will succeed.

We will reframe our mindset and change to the positive outcome we want to achieve.

Try it! You will see how it works!

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